Hi,  my name is Ben.  I first became involved in agriculture while deployed to Iraq, which is likely the very birthplace of agriculture itself.

I was fortunate enough to serve as a projects officer where I designed and managed many stabilization projects.  This fit well with my background in economics and it expanded my interests into agro-business.

I served in an area that had once been the center of chicken production for Baghdad, and I took part in helping to rebuild that industry.  I worked with and learned from many individuals, Army veterinarians, experts from Tyson, local and even expat Iraqi businessmen.

Most importantly I was involved with the micro-grant program which enabled common Iraqis to start home based businesses, largely by helping them to buy productive livestock or improve or expand their farming methods.

I returned home inspired to share what I learned and to help others find the joys and freedoms of growing food at home.

After in-depth research and study I have learned that agriculture need not rely upon technology and large scale to achieve production.  In fact, it is my belief that local, small scale farming produces better results.

My goal is to integrate technology appropriately with the wisdom of nature to help everyone put home grown food on their table.



About The Author

Ben Neusse

Army veteran who loves freedom and wants to everyone live freer, healthier lives by learning how to Let Nature Grow.

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