Sector Map | Solar Sector

Sector Map | Solar Sector

sunshadeing Sun aspect, or the angle the sunlight strikes your site is a very important part of design.

We take advantage of the different shadows cast by the high sun in the summer and low sun in the winter.

We can place tall trees or plant, or use sun shades so that the sun casts a cooling shadow in winter.  Conversely we can ensure the winter sun strike rock walls and pools of water to collect and retain heat in the winter.

These represent ways that we can begin to design and create micro climates that extend our growing season and allow us to grow plants outside of our USDA zones.




The Sun Calc tool


The Sun Calc tool offers and easy to use google map interface.  Pan and zoom to your location to see the position of the sun as well as the track it traces through the sky.







Sun Earth Tools offers similar features and it a bit more technical to use.  It does show the shadow profile and allows you to design your own horizon shapes to see the shadows they cast.







Find My Shadow lets you set your location, time, and objects to see the shadow the cast.  It is fairly easy to use if you can find your lat and long and timezone.










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